Future Single Family Houses, Herfolge - an innovative development project

Modernistisk parcelhus med facader i træ
(foto: Rune Johansen)

Future Single Family Houses was initiated in 2005/06 with the aim of developing the construction sector. It is a demonstration construction where the requirement was that it should be low-energy buildings (class II or I in relation to BR06) and that it should be labeled according to the Swan eco-label. The Swan eco-label set out requirements for energy, ventilation and materials. It also calls for quality assurance and management of the construction process and preparation of operating and maintenance instructions for the residents. See criteria on www.ecolabel.dk/criteria.

The project covers a total of 86 homes spread over 49 single family houses, 9 double houses and 21 terraced houses. By January 2008 approx. half of the project was realized. For a full description of the project the website of the project.

Parcelhus i træ
(foto: Rune Johansen)

Technologically seen the main result is the development of a number of houses which meet the requirements for either low energy class I or class II and simultaneously meet the requirements for the Swan eco-label. The project has contributed significantly the present (January 2008) situation where 30 standard house companies offers low energy class I type houses, and 19 registered producers who can offer 30 different Swan eco-labeled houses.

Interaction between actors

The project’s notable feature is the innovative and dialogue-oriented interaction between local actors, the building sector and institutional actors. The main elements of this interaction were:


The Future Single Family Houses has resulted in experiences that can be utilized in relation to future projects. The project is now under evaluation (1st phase was implemented in 2008) but offhand can two elements be highlighted:

The project’s impact in relation to learning and competence development is incorporated in the project evaluation. The immediate visible effects are the producers’ (standard house companies and architects) offers of low energy class I and Swan labeled houses. In the project design competences and routines have been developed in relation to class I requirements of the BR06 and in relation to the Swan label. The Swan label requires the preparation of complete material lists and supplier statements to ensure compliance with material requirements before starting. The project has also demanded that all suppliers have developed readily available documentation.

In relation to the building sectors’ framework conditions for climate, energy and environment-oriented construction, the project has had several effects:

By Bent Søndergård, RUC, 2008

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