Cases of climate-adapted building - eco-building sites


Here are examples of building sites, that have includet environmental and energy considerations. They are different regarding organisation and framework for the building processes. They can give inspiration and experiences for future projects and plans

The examples are from all Denmark, but as the project is regionally centered on Region Zealand, most examples are from this region.

User-driven building sites

100 homes, vision of sustainable village, cooperation with traditional housing society, total entreprise
20 homes in a village, vision of permaculture, selfmade construction
Kyoto houses
25 homes, vision of renewable energy, standard houses
Fri and fro
16 homes, vision of sustainability and cheapness, selfmade construction
30 homes, passiv houses, total entreprise, under development


Cooperative housing societies

H2 College, Herning
66 youth appartements, passiv house construction.
Ringgården, housing society at Lystrup
130 appartements, architect competition with strong requirements of low-energy heating and lighting
Passiv house in Naestved
8 appartements in an area with similar buildings owned by a cooperative housing society, constructed as passiv house

Buildings with demands set by local municipalities

Stenløse South
An area in  Egedal Municipality with a local plan with strong requirements to energy, waste water, materials
Future single-family dwellings: An area in Koege Municipality with requirements to Swan labelled buildings and experimental designs

Energy innovative projects

Installation of fuel cells in 5-35 houses in Vestenskov at Nakskov, Lolland
The examples are presented by Jesper Holm, Inger Stauning og Bent Søndergård, RUC, 2008.

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