Cases of climate-adapted building - innovative projects


– Innovative projects in region Zealand - examples:

RGB Lamps A/S - an innovative company

A small company that develops and manufactures energy saving diode lighting.

Future Single Family Houses, Herfolge

Development of a new neighborhood with an innovative and dialogue-oriented interaction between local actors, construction sector and institutional actors.

Studies of innovative processes

Experimental and innovative construction projects can provide technological knowledge and experience of how more sustainable construction can be established and promoted. In region Zealand a number of projects can give learning and development of competencies in the building sector in relation to climate adapted and energy-optimized buildings. The study focuses on:

  1. The projects’ environmental and energy content
  2. Innovative concepts in the projects’ organization
  3. Learning and competence development in the projects - the formation of new (local) networks and collaborative constellations in the construction sector
  4. The interaction with the framework conditions for the development of a sustainable construction


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