Future single family houses, Herfolge

Koge Agenda 21 Center, Det Grønne Hus(“The Green House”) took in 2005 the initiative for the demonstration project “Future single family houses”. The project was supported by Køge municipality for instance through the reservation of a land development area in Herfolge for the project. The project evolved from an initial ambition of 10-15 homes to now include a total of 86 standard house projects (spread over 49 single family houses, 9 double houses and 21 terraced houses).

By January 2008 approx. half of the project has been realized. For a more elaborate description see the project website www.fremtidensparcelhuse.dk.

A single family house
A single family house(foto: Rune Johansen)

Class II low-energy buildings

The project was groundbreaking in relation to the development of standard house constructions that meet the requirements for low-energy buildings (at least Class II in BR08), and environmental and health requirements specified through the Swan eco-label requirements.

Developing standard house constructions

The decisive objective was the development of the conventional standard house constructions. The demonstration project aimed at getting the established standard house companies to develop concepts for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy homes targeting the general user, as part of their offerings. To pursue this objective one of the requirements was that all houses should be different.

In the project, which was supported by Realdania, focus was also on the architectural quality of the demonstration buildings. 

Many participants

Modernistisk parcelhus i træ
(foto: Rune Johansen)

With the large number of participants in the project, with both large established manufacturers of standard houses, small construction companies and experimental architectural firms, the project has achieved a substantial part of its objective.

Fruitful collaboration

Parcelhus i træ
(foto: Rune Johansen)

The project is an example of how the municipality and local stakeholders can develop a local sustainable construction in collaboration with the construction sector and simultaneously be an active part in the development of the constructions. Read more about the planning process of Koge municipality and the effects for the involved standard house companies  regarding innovative processes of Herfolge.

Af Jesper Holm, Inger Stauning og Bent Søndergård, RUC, 2008

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