Stenlose South - environmental assessment and environmental requirements

A plan proposal for the Stenlose South area was, according to statutory requirements from 2004, subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment which was performed after a thorough benchmarking of the environmental impacts a conventional construction would cause compared to status quo and to the profile of a sustainable construction. The basic environmental assessment for water, chemicals, energy and natural values was just able to get the political backing after the adoption of the Agenda 21 strategy objectives as mentioned above. It gave rise to a greater political commitment to the project in a municipality that had not been accustomed to interfere with developer’s decisions on use of construction material, etc. It also led to a general political support for a practical and precise formulation of the above mentioned environmental requirements in local plans, registered easements referring to the environment, tender documents, land development, partitioning etc.


A competition on the design of an overall plan was won by Bystrup, and hereafter amendments to the local plan, framework local plans and local plans were prepared to ensure that the adopted sustainability requirements were respected at all levels and that the requirements were drawn out as easements.

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